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An Argument Against Stories That Look Like Modern America.

Star Wars - Rogue One - Admiral Raddus

Creativity seems to be lacking in this day and age.

5 Great X-Files Stories That You Should Watch Right Now.

The X-Files - Opening - Logo

I want to believe.

S.W.A.T. May Be A Reboot, But It’s Fun To Watch.

SWAT - Logo

What a masterful reboot!

Valor Is A Miserable Nightmare.

Valor - Logo

Why? WHY?!

The Brave Hits All The Right Notes.

The Brave - Logo

NBC has a winner on their hands!

SEAL Team Is Painfully Average.

SEAL Team - Logo

CBS made an effort, but…

The Good Doctor Is A Stunning Piece Of Art.

The Good Doctor - Logo

David Shore is back with more medicine.

Marvel’s Inhumans Is A Complete And Utter Disaster.

Marvel's Inhumans - Cast

What compelled ABC to make this show?

The Orville Is A Love Letter To Classic Sci-Fi.

The Orville - Firefight

Fart jokes are not the only thing that Seth MacFarlane is good at.

Four Reasons Why The Horror Genre Is Not Fun.

Horror - Films, Television, Games, and Books


You May Not Be All That Taken By NBC’s Taken.

Taken - NBC - Logo

We have a very particular set of skills…

Four Issues That 24: Legacy Must Avoid.

24: Legacy - Logo

Boop! Beep! Boop! Beep! Boop! Beep!

The Star Wars Holiday Special Is A Glorious Wreck!

Star Wars Holiday Special - Title Card

Yes. This happened.

Make Entertainment Great Again!

Make Entertainment Great Again - #MakeEntertainmentGreatAgain

It’s not just our philosophy. It’s a way of life.

Black Mirror Shows Us How Technology Can Be Our Hope… Or Our Downfall.

Black Mirror - Logo

Great. Now everyone is scared of their phone screens.

Designated Survivor – The Interrogation & The Traitor – Recaps.

Designated Survivor - The Traitor

There are ups and downs, but the downs are distracting…

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