Four Issues That 24: Legacy Must Avoid.

24: Legacy - Logo

Boop! Beep! Boop! Beep! Boop! Beep!

Revolution Writing Diary #1 – Rise And Rise Again…

Revolution - Writing Diary #1 - Rise And Rise Again.

We aim to please.

Let’s Talk About Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Star Wars Rogue One - Cast

Keeping things mostly spoiler-free is a hard ask, indeed.

The Star Wars Holiday Special Is A Glorious Wreck!

Star Wars Holiday Special - Title Card

Yes. This happened.

The Top 7 Songs Of 2016.

The Top 7 Songs Of 2016 - Introduction

We’ve got a list of some new stars, old favorites, and people you might not have heard of before!

Make Entertainment Great Again!

Make Entertainment Great Again - #MakeEntertainmentGreatAgain

It’s not just our philosophy. It’s a way of life.

Five Star Wars Legends Characters That Disney Needs To Put Back Into The Canon Yesterday.

Star Wars - Logo

You know them. You love them. Disney still screwed up bigly.

#DumpStarWars And The Failure To Understand A Saga.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story - Rebel Alliance - Starbird

Here we go again.

Black Mirror Shows Us How Technology Can Be Our Hope… Or Our Downfall.

Black Mirror - Logo

Great. Now everyone is scared of their phone screens.

Designated Survivor – The Interrogation & The Traitor – Recaps.

Designated Survivor - The Traitor

There are ups and downs, but the downs are distracting…

Five Reasons Why The Hobbit Trilogy Didn’t Live Up To The Hype.

The Hobbit - Title

I love Middle-Earth, but there are so many things to discuss.

On The Election Of Donald Trump.

Donald Trump

It’s time to propose a new mission for a divided America.

Announcing Revolution!

Revolution - Helisah Almari

It’s time to announce the final chapter in the war against Thrakoth!

Designated Survivor – The Mission – Recap.

Designated Survivor - President and CoS

Every decision has a cost.

Timeless May Be Goofy, But It’s An Utter Blast To Watch.

Timeless - Logo

NBC delivers an interesting new show that has endless potential. Give it a look!

Five Reasons Why The Arrowverse Kind Of Sucks.

Arrowverse - Banner

You only start catching flak when you’re almost over the target.

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